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Recent Fixes and Coming Improvements:

Filters Preserved on Directory: Need to run through and provide interaction ratings to a handful of staff, or need to check certificate validity for everyone in a particular location? Our Directory page now preserves any of the filters you use when you click back and forth between profiles and the Directory. We are aware of an issue affecting some users when attempting to change filters on this page after this update, and a fix will be patched to impacted accounts shortly. 

(Mobile-Only) MultiSkill Assessment: The same multi-skill assessment experience you know on the web, is now available on our mobile application. Evaluate multiple users on multiple skills anytime you want. Load up previously created scenarios to your device to run assessments. 

Image Size Limits (Mobile): We've increased the storage limit for photos uploaded through tasks, reports, and certificates. Your fancy iPhone and Android cameras will now maintain better photo quality when completing an upload. 

Reporting: We know how important and difficult it can be to know what's happening across your business, which is why we've put such an emphasis on Reports in OneTeam360. Our team has addressed and is working to implement improvements to the submission process and the way we view submitted reports. We are also working to improve the reliability and consistency of our Daily Report Digest email feature, including attaching images/documents to the email from submitted reports and directly assigning reports to specific users for submission. Character limits have been increased on every text field within reports. 

Viewing Interaction Notes: We've kept the notes added to interactions in our database, but soon you'll be able to access them and other interaction histories from the profile page. We've planned a handful of improvements to the point-history section of the profile which will allow you to click open and view previous interactions on a given day, complete with factor ratings and any notes. 

Upcoming Version 2 Features (Summer 2022!):

Announcements: Create custom announcements of any duration for any set of location(s), or department(s). Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and new onboards by default. 

Remote-View: Curious if your permissions are set up correctly, or need to check what your staff can/can't see or do in OneTeam360? Admin users will soon be able to view the web platform as any employee account does. Changes will not be allowed during the remote-view process, protecting the functionality and privacy of the admin and staff accounts in question. 

Group Tasks: Assigning a task to a group of people, but only need one of them to handle it? With our upcoming Group Task option, anyone can mark the task complete on behalf of all other assignees. Don't worry, you can still assign the same individual tasks to multiple people as usual. 

Profile Information: Create custom questions to include in an employee profile, with the option to display the same information from the Directory. Common use cases include staff listing t-shirt size, favorite snack food, or other fun facts. You can also utilize this to include more information on user profiles related to their responsibilities and skills. 

Customizable Directory Page: With Profile Information configured, you can also change the default column organization for the Directory Page, including any of the custom items you created. Need to filter by shirt size, or whether someone is open to working weekends? Now you can do all that and more! 

Skill Re-Test & Re-Test Quiz: If a user gets a poor grade on any skill, that skill will automatically be reassigned to them for review of any associated materials. They will have to acknowledge that they reviewed the material in order for the re-test task to be complete. We will also include an optional section within Skill Management where follow-up questions around skills can be added. This enables some offline quality control for skills and ensures comprehension of those skills before attempting another assessment.