Add extra points for exceptional employee performance 🏆

Learn how to manually add an extra point to your employee's profile for when they go the extra mile.

Reward those exceptional performers by manually adding an extra point to their profile. Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.40.56 PM

Extra points can be a good way to show appreciation for a team member going above and beyond. Perhaps they volunteered to pick up a last-minute shift or stayed late to help clean after an event. Use the extra point function to reward those who do more than what's expected of them. You can also use this feature to take points away if you ever need to dock someone for missing a shift, losing their uniform, or any other one-off instance. 

To manually adjust points, navigate to the Team Member Profile from the Directory and click the pencil icon to edit the Points Adjustment pop up box. Add or subtract your points, leave a comment in the Reason field and hit Save.